Acousmatic Music

Introspection volontaire

5.1, 2019

« Introspection volontaire » is a hybrid narrative piece on the border between cinema, radio and electro-acoustic music.
It tells the story of a sick patient who uses hypnosis to treat his mental illness. Traveling between the conscious and the unconscious, the dream and the reality, the past and the present, this piece can have therapeutic virtues for the listener


Stereo, 2018

« Elements » is an acousmatic piece which explores sound morphing and the modification of sound perception. The work is constructed around 5 sound elements (water, wind, city, thunder, fire ). By placing these somewhat neutral elements in new contexts, one automatically changes their perceived meaning. This aspect of modifying the listener’s perception plays an important role in the piece. Through this, the listener is invited to explore the « ways » in which we listen to and experience everyday sounds. Speech elements in the work are used to suggest associations in the listener’s mind. Within the fluid structure of the piece, the listener is placed on the borderline between concrete and abstract.


Rêve eveillé

8 channel, 2018

« Rêve eveillé » is structured in many small parts within a compositional process considered analogous to the technique of pointillism in visual arts: The work starts with a variety of individual colors which, when mixed together, result in a 
complex rich picture. The main goal of this is to open up the listening process. Here, one reaches one’s own interpretation of the piece through one’s imagination in various ways to combine abstracts content.
Using the concept of « Rêve éveillé » (awake dream), a therapeutic method invented by Robert Desoille in 1930, this piece should be perceived as a personal meditative journey into one’s own imagination.  



Stereo, 2017

« Agoraphobia » is an acousmatic piece exploring the phobia of public space and human crowd. This feeling of insecurity, is mainly guided by the fear of no escaping.
Oscillating between soundscape and abstract sounds, I personify this phobia by putting in contrast opened and closed space, introspective and natural texture, know and unknown atmosphere


La voix du lion

5.0, 2016

« As long as the lions do not have their historian, the hunting stories will always turn to the hunter’s glory. »
Bantu Proverb  
« La voix du Lion » is the introspective journey of a congolese migrant leaving his homeland for a better future. His mental trip takes place in a boat that will lead him to europe,


Electronics for Orchestra

Mohammad.H.Javaheri – De Novo Remutations

Stereo, 2019

“De Novo Remutations” is a composition for Orchestra and Electronics, performed by “MDR Symphony Orchestra” with the short movie of Bauhaus “Reflector Farblicht Rudolf Judes”.

Composer: Mohammad H. Javaheri
Electronics: William Amsler
Conductor: Ulrich Kern
Tonmeister: Christopher Tarnow
MDR Symphony Orchestra, Leipzig, Germany